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The Latin American Alliance for Responsible Nutrition (ALANUR) was present at the XVIII Colombian Congress of Nutrition and Dietetics, held by the Colombian Association of Nutritionists (ACODIN), on August 15th, 2019, in the city of Manizales, Colombia. The association made a presentation with the participation of Juan Pablo Waimann, Executive Manager, Jos├ę Luis Orteg├│n, Vice-president, both from ALANUR, and Melissa Valencia Salazar, Coordinator of the Colombian National Association of Businessmen (ANDI).

The presentation, entitled “Perspectives on the Use and Perception of Food Supplements in Latin America”, focused primarily on sharing with nutritionists from Colombia and Latin America the comparison between the main results of the unprecedented research on the consumption of food supplements, sponsored in Peru and Chile by ALANUR; in Colombia, by ANDI and in Brazil, by ABIAD, the Brazilian Association for the Special Purpose Food Industry.

Promoting the scientific knowledge flow of the food supplement industry and the responsible access to the category is of great importance to ALANUR and has been the essence of its work since its foundation. Therefore, the Alliance shows its public appreciation to ANDI and ABIAD for their collaboration in this joint initiative.