Benefits for members

Opportunity to contribute to the construction of national regulations in Latin America

Access to major industry players in the region

Access to discussion forums with public authorities, the private sector, academics and experts

Access to the latest scientific, commercial and regulatory information on food supplements

Technical and regulatory advice focused on Latin American markets

ALANUR in figures

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Since our foundation, we have organized over 20 scientific workshops in 11 countries in the region, including a regional scientific congress in Panama in 2016

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We assisted in the development of the first specific regulation for food supplements in Brazil (2018) and Ecuador (2017)

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We actively participate in the public consultation and regulatory update processes in most Latin American countries

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We developed the first surveys on food supplements’ consumer habits of in Peru and Chile

Experiencia y

Desde nuestra fundación hemos organizado más de 20 talleres científicos en 11 países de la región, incluyendo un Congreso Científico Regional en Panamá en 2016.

Asistimos al desarrollo de la primera regulación específica para suplementos alimenticios en Brasil (2018) y Ecuador (2017).

Asistimos a regular la categoría en Paraguay (2015) y Bolivia (2017).

Participamos activamente en los procesos de consulta pública y actualización regulatoria de la mayoría de los países de América Latina.

Desarrollamos las primeras encuestas sobre consumo de suplementos alimenticios en Perú y Chile.


  • Capacity to contribute to the shaping of Latin America’s strategy, action plans and priorities
  • Alignment of your organization’s goals with ALANUR’s activities
  • Access to key industry stakeholders in Latin America
  • Networking opportunities in priority markets
  • Update on the latest information on food supplement and ingredients

The Latin American Alliance for Responsible Nutrition (ALANUR) is a nonprofit organization and the leading regional association for food supplements in Latin America.

Founded in 2011 with the purpose of contributing to the responsible access of food supplements and ingredients in Latin America.

Some of the leading regional players in the productive sector and related nonprofit organizations. Our activities are funded by an annual membership fee.

ALANUR’s main objective is to foster sound regulations and responsible business practices by fostering the science, quality and safety of food supplements.

ALANUR works to enable spaces where authorities, regulators, academics, the private sector and other experts can share information, experiences and perspectives on the use, regulation and scientific trends on food supplements as well as their ingredients.

ALANUR’s mission is to assist in creating an appropriate regulatory framework to ensure responsible access to food supplements in the Latin American market.

The impact of its work can be perceived in the active assistance in the creation of new regulations in Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Paraguay and Uruguay, as well as in providing added value to the authorities, including key knowledge and scientific developments in the sector.

  • Responsibility
  • Ethics
  • Transparency
  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Science-based information

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