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ALANUR organizes workshop on updating and regulatory advances of dietary supplements to INVIMA officials – Colombia

The Latin American Alliance for Responsible Nutrition, ALANUR delivered on November 21 and 22 at the facilities of the Ministry of Health in the city of Bogotá, the Technical and Scientific Update Workshop on Dietary Supplements: Progress and Regulatory Trends, continuing with the policy of scientific technical training started in Colombia since 2012.

The objective of the workshop was to update the participants on the regulatory trends in dietary supplements in line with the topics of interest of the regulatory authorities of Mexico, Peru, Chile that make up the Pacific Alliance, as well as Colombia.

The workshop was attended by the board of Alanur, as well as national and international exhibitors from Argentina, the United States, Finland, Chile and Brazil. The presentations will include topics related to trends and considerations in the classification, definition and access to the market of food supplements, and a summary of the agreements and next steps in the discussions of the Pacific Alliance block for the harmonization process; safety and benefits of vitamins, minerals, botanicals, bioactives, probiotics, enzymes and amino acids in supplements; declarations of nutritional and healthy properties and good manufacturing practices.

Dr. Francisco Javier Sierra Esteban, Director of the Directorate of Medicines and Biological Products and representatives of the Group of Cooperation and International Relations of the Office of International Affairs of INVIMA, opened the event.

The workshop involved 17 INVIMA officials from the Technical Groups of Drugs, Technical Groups of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Registry, Specialized Room, Office of Legal Advice and Office of International Affairs. Representatives of the Peruvian authorities DIGESA and DIGEMID also participated in a virtual way.

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