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ALANUR was presentat a nutrition event hosted by ANAISA in Mexico City

ALANUR was present at the event Food Deficiencies in different stages of life, organized by ANAISA – National Association of the Food Supplement Industry – last October 17th, with presentations delivered by Carolina Chevallier, member of the Scientific Committee and Juan Pablo Waimann, the Executive Manager of the association.

Some perspectives on bioactive compounds and the use and perception of food supplements in Latin America were discussed with participants. This last presentation focused on the comparison of the main findings from the survey on the consumption habits of food supplements conducted in Brazil, Chile, Peru and Colombia.

The ANAISA event aimed to present the social context of Mexican food consumption and to pinpoint the sociological factors influencing their behavior, as well as the risks of deficiencies and/or excess of nutrients consumption during adolescence, adulthood and third age.